Smart doorbell

Security Doubts raised over Smart Locks


Smart locks are sold as devices that can make getting in your home more convenient but security researchers found a vulnerability that makes it easy for hackers and thieves to do the same. 

A Finland-based security company has discovered a flaw with the 'KeyWe smart lock which markets itself as the 'Smartest Lock Ever!' being sold widely on mazon for around £150.

The door is unlocked through a mobile app, which may sound convenient,  found that potential hackers could intercept network traffic between the mobile app and the smart lock, essentially stealing the keys to someone's home electroniclly.

Whilst the messages between the mobile app and the lock are encrypted, researchers have found that they could intercept the key generator itself.

This is not the only concern. Smart doorbells and other devices have come under scrutiny in recent months with weak passwords making them easily hackable, factory defaults hijackable; excessive data collection and a lack of data encryption, meaning attackers could lift Wi-Fi password details to hijack other devices on the home network.

The bottom line is, security should trump convenience, so consider your option carefully when it comes to securing your home. we offer  range of secure locks and security systems, including CCTV, so if you re looking for the ultimate in home, office or business security, Leeds Lock Centre will offer honest and practical advise - now that's got to beat an unknown system purchased online anyday!